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Saturday, February 17, 2007

New ETF's

I have been tracking the new ETF's coming out from Proshares. I wasn't much interested in ETF's since the potential gain (and risk) is much smaller than with the stocks I track. However, the short ETF's are a good way to play the downside of the market if you trade in a cash account. The Ultrashort ETF's are especially of interest to me, as they double the movement of the index or sector they track. Here are the ones I am watching:

Seotor/index Long Short
Basic Materials UVM SMN
Consumer Goods UGE SZK
Consumer Services UCC SCC
Financials UYG SKF
Health Care RXL RXD
Industrials UXI SIJ
Oil and Gas DIG DUG
Real Estate URE SRS
Semiconductors USD GSG
Technology ROM REW
Utilities UFW SDP
Dow Industrials DDM DXD
Nasdaq 100 QLD QID
Russell 2000 UWM TWM

Disclaimer: I am currently long in QID

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