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Friday, May 4, 2007

Oh, Yeah, That's Why I Don't Read The WSJ

With all the buzz going on about Murdoch trying to buy Dow Jones, I thought I might peruse the WSJ (I find the IBD much more useful to me). I came across this editorial, making the case for giving the President even more power than he has already taken. It sounded like an academic snore fest, (unlike IBD editorials, which are 3rd grade snore fests), until I came across this line:

A strong executive is requisite to oppose majority faction produced by temporary delusions in the people.

Lets's see if I understand. The President can ignore the will of the voters (who pass laws, at least according to the Constitution) and decide which laws will be obeyed and which won't.

And we inpeached a guy over a stained dress.

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