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Sunday, September 30, 2007

IBD 100 Setups

I thought it would be interesting to look at this week's IBD100 to see if there were any promising setups and to see if we can anticipate which oines will be the biggest gainers this week. Time constraints prevented me from looking at all 100, but of the 40 or so I looked at, these looked pretty good. CRNT is No. 2 and the chart looks very good. I posted it a couple of days ago so I will omit it here. Here are some other good possibilities:

VSEC has had a nice run here and is in a low volume pullback to the 50dma. A bounce here will send this higher, and decent volume could give a breakout.

VSEA looks like it wants to pull back to the 50dma.This, too, should bounce and go higher. Again, keep an eye on the volume.

TBSI is pulling back slightly after bumoing up against resistance. I think this could break out at any time.

FSTR is pulling back on low volume. It could concievably pull back to 40, but it could reverse and head back up at any time.

The IBD 100 is not becessarily the best place to look for stocks, since most have already made most of their moves, but carefully looking at the charts will still produce some big gainers.

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