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Saturday, May 3, 2008

IBD 100

Last week was tough on the IBD 100 as the leading stocks were commodity related, which were about the only part of the market that did not rally this week. The biggest gainer was MA, which I covered Monday on the breakout. It is too far past it's breakout point for my taste here, but looks like it may give a pullback.

MFLO was the second biggest gainer, and was an aquisition target, otherwise it was a pretty unremarkeable chart.
CSH was the second biggest decliner, and it looks like an earnings miss, judging from the volume.
It's funny how there was a lot of selling the day before, as if someone had advance knowledge of the numbers. Nah, just a coincidence.

MCSI was the biggest decliner. This was gettingh very extended, and although there were a couple of high volume down days, it is still well above the 50dma. If it can find a support level near here, this is offering another entry point.

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