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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oil & Gas - Drilling Charts

As I mentioned in yesterday's IBD 100 post, ATW is in the oil & gas-drilling industry group, currently ranked at #4. There are 5 stocks from this group on this week's IBD 100. I looked at the charts from this group, and there are very few that don't look good. HERO broke out on Friday(i missed this one) on high volume on no news. It has a float of 87m shares and has negative earnings growth, so it wasn't one I was tracking, but it has outstanding relative strength and did not show excessive distribution while it was building a base.

Wow, look at the relative strength in this one. Technically it broke out Friday, but not on breakout volume. It might get it this coming week, though.
A nice consolidation here with a bounce off the 50dma, high relative strength and positive CMF. The float is 125m shares and earnings growth is negative, but ROE is 25%.

Another one building a base with relative strength going to new highs. Selling volume in the base seems a little high.

This is the small cap of the group, with 26m shares in the float. Fundamentals are not impressive, but 10% of the float is short, so this is a possible short squeeze candidate.
I have no earnings dates for HERO or BRNC. PDS is scheduled to report on July 24, RDC on Aug 5, PDE on Aug 7.

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