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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Morning Update

I have 5 stocks on the earnings sheet reporting today:

DXPE up 8%
DWSN up 16%
GTLS up 8%
HOS down 8%
ARCI down 6%

I had ARCI reporting August 6, but it reported this morning. I will have the numbers updated later today.

EXAC reported after market close last night, and is now down 6%.

The Market gapped down this morning on lower than expected GDP growth and unemployment higher than expected (expected by whom?), but it is moving up off the gap. The SPX is now 5 points away from filling in the gap, so right now our low is about 1273, the high point in the gap is 1284.

On the breakout front, so far I have IMCL, CELG, UTHR, GTLS, NTT. The first 3 are biotechnology, a group which appears to be asserting leadership.

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