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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Weekly Charts

I have four additions to the earnings spreadsheet. They don't necessarily meet the present criteria, but I am still in the process of revising them. I am still looking for high growth, low float, neglected small and microcaps, and this come close to fitting that description. AMOT is extremely thinly traded, has 5m shares in the float, and last quarter grew it's earnings by 160%.
ROE is only 9% (William O'Niell likes 17% or better, but for small caps, 25% or better will get my attention).

I normally like to have at least 3 quarters of growth data, but I only have 2 for GSIT. The float is 16m shares, a little larger than I like for something that is not heavily traded, ROE is 11.5%, last quarters EPS grew by 175%, and the last 2 quarters were accelerating.

SKT has a float of 24m shares, ROE of 10.6%, last quarter EPS grew 200%, nothing impressive there, but I like the chart and the 26% of the float is short, just begging for a squeeze.

TAYD has 2.38m shares in the float, ROE of 9.7%, and last quarter's EPS grew 633%, and it is setting up nicely here on the chart.

I'll be watching the daily charts during the week, if anything interesting pops up I will post it.

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