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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Charts For Today's Early Post

QCOR is the stock with the largest range between 52 week high and low. This made a humongous move last November, and has been in a base ever since. The one negative here is declining CMF, but it can still break out at any time.

HEV is one of those volatile AMEX stocks that has been in a trading range for several months. It has not participated in the market crash. This is another one that can break out any time.

The only weakness in Zacks' screener is it scans for shares outstanding, rather than float. There was a low enough number of results that I could look up the float manually, which I haven't done. One idea I have been playing with is combining the float (or in this case shares outstanding) with average volume and coming up with a number similar to IBD's supply demand rating. The stock on the list with highest volume/shares ratio is RAH. This had a significant increase in average daily volume starting in July. Despite declining CMF during the recent pullback, relative strength remained at nosebleed levels.

This is just a quick glance at a few charts to see if anything is of interest. If we do go into a rally, many of the stocks on that list will probably be leaders.

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