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Friday, October 31, 2008

Frightful Friday

Halloween is getting off to a frightful start as the market is heading lower after filling the gap down. Energy is again leading the parade, with oil dropping again. The only real strength is financials. The Russell 2000 is showing strength, the NDX weakness.

Karl is at it gain. Yesterday's post created quite a firestorm. At the risk of adding fuel to the fire, I agree with every word he said.

GTLS. GSIT, and RMTR have all reported. GTLS is down 20%, GSIT down 5%, and RMTR is up about 1%. AFAM, also on the earnings sheet, is breaking out. It is quite encouraging to have two breakouts from the earnings sheet so far in this new rally.

This is the portfolio I created a couple of days ago. AVAV and UFPT are doing quite well, MEA so-so, and DGLY was just a bone head move. Luckily, I almost made enough on AVAV to make up for the loss in DGLY. I will probably add AFAM when I get a good entry point. I may also do some short selling, as my real account is a cash account and I don't do any in it, but i would like to try it and several readers here are also interested in finding shorting opportunities.


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