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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Data Storm

Having found several reliable sources for data, I now have several spreadsheets full. One thing I need to do is learn an SQL database manager, as manually updating the sheets and manipulating the data is getting very time consuming. I haven't used a database manager since the days of dbase 3, so it will take me some time to learn.

From, I got data on institutional transactions. I don't know how recent or accurate the data is, but I ran the stocks on the earnings sheet to see what I would find. Above are the top 10 increases in institutional accumulation. The first thing I noticed is that these are stocks that have been absolutely creamed of late. It has been said that institutions buy on weakness and sell into strength, and this sure looks like the case here.

These are the bottom 10 in institutional transactions. Some, but not all, have been strong lately.

These are the stocks on the earnings sheet that have the largest percentages of float short. There are a couple of ways you can look at this: 1) You want to avoid stocks that are getting heavily shorted, or 2) you can look for possible short squeezes. It depends a lot on your tolerance for risk.

I normally don't do detailed fundamental analysis, mainly because I've found that technicals are far more important, but one factor I like to look at is return on equity (ROE). I'm not even sure what it is, but I do know that stocks, especially small caps, that have high ROE also have a high probability of growth. Here are the top 10 ROE stocks on the earnings sheet.

I am going to add a third sheet to the earnings sheet, putting all the data that I have on each stock together on one sheet. I will be uploading a new sheet shortly.

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