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Monday, December 8, 2008

Bailout Fever

Well, well, we have liftoff. the Market is up today on news that an auto bailout may be close. At least, that is the spin. The reality is, commodities have moved up as the dollar is weakening. Oil, after hitting 40 on Friday, is up to 44. Leading sectors are XLB, followed closely by XLE and XLF. The weakest, XLP and XLV, are both up over 1%. Despite the relative weakness of XLV, most of today's new highs and breakouts are in the medical sector.

Among the breakouts today are THOR, INSU, LHCG, ACET, VRX, DLTR, and OCN. Previous breakouts making new highs are GVA, QCOR, COGT, HTS, and DCM.

I have nothing reporting on the earnings sheet today.

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