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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday New Highs

Thursday new highs, sorted by industry. Schools dominated today.

This is the stocks on last week's relative strength scan that had higher than average volume today. A couple of ideas I had just before uploading (and therefore too late to follow up on tonight) is 1) to raise the threshold from 1.0 for relative volume to 1.5 (if I remember correctly, William O'Neil prefers at least a 50% increase over average volume to be significant), and the other 2) was to split the list into advancers and decliners, if for nothing else to make them more readable. I'll try it tomorrow night.

EZPW reported after hours, and traded up 9% in after hours trading. SYNA reported and traded up 12% in after hours. I have nothing scheduled to report tomorrow.

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