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Saturday, March 28, 2009

IBD 100

It seems I have found another source for IBD, a little out of the way, but no trouble on Saturday mornings, and the Monday IBD is the only one I buy consistently. So I'm back in the saddle with the IBD 100 posts. The "Inside the 100" column, one of the most useful column in the whole paper", metions again the lack of leadership in this rally, and the IBD 100 again lagged the market. They do mention that leadership tends to show up in the first 13 weeks of a rally, if it lasts that long.

DMND was last week's biggest gainer, and is also an addition to the earnings spreadsheet (a coincidence. The earnings list does not consider technical factors at all). This is a poorly formed double bottom base. Last week's rise was quick, but hit rsistance at the breakout point. Volumne, CMF, and price relative do not give hints that a breakout is imminent. This will likely consolidate for a while.

AIPC was the second biggest gainer (and also an addition to the earnings list). Last Friday it looked like it was going to pull back to the 50dma, didn't quite make it, and bounced up and out to a new high. This is one of those high growth, very small companies that can rack up big gains in a rally. How big can a pasta company get? Remember HANS? How big could a fruit juice company get?

NCIT was last week's biggest decliner. last friday it appeared to be building the right side of a base, but it collapsed, broke two moving avergaes, and is still under the 200dma. I don't know what the catalyst for the collapse was, but there wasn't a lot of warning.

NFLX was the second biggest decliner, and it's decline was pretty mild. the only problem I see here is a boken trend line, but I wouldn't put too much into that as long as it stays above the 50dma. Price relative is weakening a bit, a common theme among leading stocks from last week.

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