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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Relative Strength Performance

Those of you who have been following the relative strength scans know that when I started doing them, it was during the depths of the market crash, and the figure I picked as a cutoff, the top 25% of the 52 week high low range, was resulting in a manageable list of stocks. Now that we have rallied, the past few weeks have given us well over 600 stocks withing that range. the 25% figure was totally arbitrary. I am trying to find the "sweet spot", that point which will give us the most potential big movers and market leaders. I am in the process of collecting more data to help me do that. One thing I did was take last week's list and sort them by one week performance. Above are the top 20.

Here are the bottom 20.

Another thing I did for fun was to see which of the stocks have madde the biggest move's off the 52 week low. These are the top 20.

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