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Thursday, July 9, 2009

30 Year Teasury Auction Results

One thing I did not do this week was check the schedule for Treasury auctions. When I see a big move in the TNX at 1 pm, that is a signal that an auction just took place. Yesterday it was an auction on the 10 year, which apparently went quite well judging from the action in the yield. Today there was another move at 1 pm, so I checked the Treasury Direct website, and we had a 30 year auction today (here are the results in pdf format).

Here is the TYX, the yield on the 30 year. I'm not sure how to interpret this correctly, but today's move was nowhere near as dramatic as yesterday's, so it looks like the auction did not go nearly as well.


DFTT said...

Y-days puke in equities caused "a flight to quality" and shorts in the 10yr got squeezed.

David said...

Yes, that dows have the look of a short squeeze. good call.

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