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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Charts For The Weekend

I usually spend a decent amount of time on weekends going through charts, and today I took a look at some on the earnings list, particluarly at some that I haven't paid much attention to recently because they haven't done especially well. NVEC, which reports this week, is one that has done quite well since bottoming out in November. It has formed on small base since bottoming out, but has pulled back several times on it's way up. It is threatening to break out again, although the price relative line is a bit weak. It is expected to report .55 per share, a substantial surprise in either direction will very likely send it flying.

AIPC was a leading stock until just about the time the rest of the market ignited into the current rally. It is building a nice base here and will probably make a breakout attempt, probably next earnings, which is unconfirmed for August 11.

In an era when stocks are rising thousands of percentage points off their bottoms, TNH has done just the opposite. It topped out just as the rest of the market was bottoming, and now appears to be trying to put in a bottom itself. It is also reporting this week, on July 23.

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