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Sunday, August 23, 2009


CRAY has been on the relative strength list for quite a while, and as you can see from the weekly chart, it reversed a downtrend it had been in since early 2007, not unusual for this market, and has hit a new 52 week high, although welll off it's 2007 high.

These are charts made using open office's internal charting capability, which is limited. The numbers on the bottom are quarters, the last representing quarter 2 of 2009. (I am looking for some charting software that will produce better charts, but until then I am limited to this). These are actual EPS numbers for the last 26 quarters. As you can see, CRAY has a spotty history of actually making money.

I also have data on estimates. This is the over/under estimates for each of the last 26 quarters. The last two quarters it did beat estimates (as has almost every stock in the market).

Here is the EPS year over year growth rate. Again, CRAY's record is somewhat spotty, but positive the last two quarters, and triple digit last quarter.

There are a lot of stocks like these that are leading this rally. I suspect that this momentum cannpot be held up much longer, because the "beating the street" game only goes on for so long. Real earnings are what drive markets in the long run.

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