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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday New Highs

Tuesday's new highs, sorted by industry, page 1

Page 2

And page 3. It's starting to get ot the point where you can through darts at the IBD stock tables to find new highs.

The high volume advancers on the relative strength list.

The high volume decliners from the same list.

We had 4 stocks scheduled to report after the close: BMC ip 1.7% ah, CSTR up 1.3% ah, PARD -0.6% ah, WFMI up 14% ah (that was the one that had a lot of puts bought today. Bye bye puts).
Tomorrow before the open we have LL, TKLC, VM, SMP, DWSN, EXM, PQ CWEI, EBIX, LINC, KGS, and AFAM.

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