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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Relative Strength By Industry

This is a resurrection of a prject I had going over a year ago based on tracking IBD industry groups. I had to abandon the project due to the problems I had getting IBD every day (which was a must for the project to succeed). Now that I have been collecting relative strength data, I am going to start tracking industries again, this time thos in the finviz database. This week I have made some changes: only those stocks that are either acquisitions or not in the finviz database are dropped, industries with no stocks on the relative strength list will still be tracked ( I had been ignoring them before), and I am using the industries as listed on Finviz. The above chart is the top 20 industries having a percentage of stocks in the top 25% of the 52 week range.

These are the bottom 20. There are 216 total industries in the finviz database, 3 of which are closed end fund groups that I will not be tracking, so I will be tracking 213 total. I will go through some of the past data I have and see if there are any trends decveloping.

One phenomena I have noticed is in a strong group, many small caps will lag until late in the groups move, but when they move, they make very large moves, and that usually indicates the top of the group's move is near. I cannot verify that with data, it is just something I notice periodically. This project might be able to verify that phenomena, or disprove it.

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