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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Relative Strength Performance

Here are the top 20 performances from last week's relative strength list.

Here are the bottom 20.

I mentioned I was trying something different. After downloading the data and running my usual scan (top 25% of the 52 week high-low range), I took the list of stocks that I had before the last two cuts (about 900 in all), then ran the cutoff to the top 15% of the 52 week range. That would have replaced 53 of the 200 stocks. The first column above is the ticker symbols that would be on the new list, the second column is where the current price is in terms of the 52 week range, and the third column is the 20 day minus the 60 day volume per million shares, which is the last cut I do. The Fourth column is the tickers that would have been bumped off the list. This would have increased the number of stocks on the list that are declining in volume, but at this point I don't know which factor is more important in determining strength of a stock, so I will have to track this for a while to see if anything develops.

There was nothing on the earnings list reporting last week. The earnings spreadsheet probably will not be updated until the end of the quarter. The relative strength spreadsheet was screwed up while I was working ion it this morning, and I probably won't fix it until later tonight, so it should be uploaded either late tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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