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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Relative Strength Performance and Earnings Summary

Here are the top 20 from last week's relative strength list.

Here are the bottom 20.

There was only one stock from the earnings list reporting last week, that was VMI, reporting a quarter of decelerating earnings growth.

I have discovered the problem I was having with the relative strength spreadsheet: it is now too large. Google spreadsheets have a size limitation of 1 megabyte, and it is now about 100k larger than that. In the process, I trashed the spreadsheet again, so had to create another one. The link is here, and for now will only include the first page. I may have to create another sheet to get the second page up, although it may still be too large to upload. In any case, that about destroyed any chance of me getting the earnings spreadsheet updated tonight, so I should have it up early tomorrow.

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