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Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here is a Grapher 7 chart of VMI, the only stock on the earnings list to report last week. Here I have graphed data going back to January 2005. The black line is price, the blue line is price relative, the red line is EPS, ans the bars at the bottom are volume. VMI had a big run starting from 2005 peaking in the commodity boom of 2008. It then crashed with the rest of the market, however, looking at the EPS line the crash may have been way overdone (although the last blast up in 2008 may have been overdone, as well). It has since retraced about 50% of the crash.

Here are the numbers from Finviz. I highlighted some key stats. At 25 million shares, the float is small but not extremely so. This has had a recent decline in sales, along with 4 straight quarters of decelerating growth, but in this environment that really isn't bad. This has been touted as an "infrastructure" stock that will benefit from stimulus spending, but I ignore hype like that, I let the numbers do the talking.

The earnings spreadsheet will be uploaded sometime this morning.

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