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Thursday, December 3, 2009


APWR reported earnings this morning and is getting a pretty nice gain,and as you can see fron the chart, it had pulled right back down to a 7 month old breakout point, offering someone a near perfect entry point. Did that "someone" have an advantage here?

While trying to confirm the earnings date last night, I ran across this, the Nasdaq Reg SHO threshold list. As you can see, APWR is on it, which means someone has been naked short selling it (shorting without getting a borrow, resulting in a failure to deliver). Naked shorting is a way to manipulate stock prices, as it gives you basically infinite leverage because you are trading shares that do not exist. Was the recent pullback due to naked shorting? I don 't know, but as they say,
"If it looks like a duck.....".

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