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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BF-B (Or BF.B)

Here is a quasi breakout that is notable for a couple of things. The first is that is has a nice cup and handle attern with an annoying price spike in the handle, which masked the real breakout a few days ago. However, this has not received breakout type volume. The second is the ticker symbol, which is BF-B on Finviz, but probably BF.B elsewhere. It is one of the stocks I eliminated from the relative strength scan since it wasn't in both databases (Finviz and Zacks). From now on I will check the stocks i eliminate to make sure they are not listed with another ticker in Zacks.

This is has a fairly large market cap, and a large number of shares outstanding, but a very small float, which means volume spikes can move this pretty dramatically. It manufactures Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort, two products that will undoubtably become more in demand on Wall Street.

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