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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Relative Strength Scans

Here are the results of this week's relative strength scan. The only difference in today's scan is I included a step to find stocks that had different ticker symbols between the zacks and finviz databases (an example being one I found earlier this week, BF-B in Finviz, which is listed as BF.B in Zacks). There were 8 stocks that I found, and one that actually made the relative strength list, HUB.B, which will be HUB-B if you are tracking it on Finviz. There were in all about 2200 stocks that are within the top 25% of their 52 week range. After removing stocks with 52 week highs less than 5, and those with average volume less than 100k, I was left with 1515 stocks. I calculated the average values of these for 20day v/ms (17.95), 60day v/ms (20.46) and the 20day minus the 60 day (-2.51). The next steo was the usual removing stocks with a 20 day v/ms less than 10k, which I think may be too low a value, but I am hesitant to change it until I can determain that for sure. I sorted the remainder by the 20day minus 60day volume, in order to get the top 200 in terms of increase in volume. I also calculated the averages for those 200, and came up with 35.71, 23.01, and 12.7.

The relative strength spreadsheet will be uploaded later today.

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