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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

Once again, there are no changes to the chart template. The black lines are price,black bars volume, blue line price rellative to SPX, lower red line EPS, upper red line EPS growth rate.

ADY had a big drop in earnings, actually losing money for the quarter. Not long ago there was a another Chinese dairy company, SYUT, which suffered the same fate (they were also implicated in the tainted milk scandal, although I believe they were ultimately exonerated). This is now near a support level, so i will continue to track this for a rebound in earnings, but for now, it is "no touch".

3 of the 4 stocks reporting last week are Chinese, and I have spotty numbers on them, but I did the best I could with what I could find. CFSG was growing at a decent clip until last quarter, and judging by price action, the market was anticipating it. Long term it's uptrend is intact, so this will likely make the next cut.

CSKI is also one that has spotty numbers, although I have earnings data on it since befre it got listed on the Nasdaq, which is as far as my price history goes. It also took a big hit in earnings and price reflects the market anticipating it.  All 3 of these showed very high growth early followed by slowing, or even negative growth. I'll be watching for a rebound in growth, especially if it's unexpected, because these are all very small float stocks that will turn into rockets on volume.

Speaking of volume, here is one that gets squat for volume. EEI had a quarter of very high growth last year, and price responded accordingly, but growth fell off the last two. However, price has not fallen off dramatically and this appear to be building a base. Despite the big drop in earnings, this should make the next cut.

We are a week and a half from the end of the quarter, so I need to get the update started. I will probably be less aggressive about removing stocks this quarter, as I had planned to limit the list to 100 stocks and there are only 80 on it now. There is one coming off because I no longer believe their numbers, and probably at least a couple coming off because of longer term earnings slowdowns. I plan to have the additions and subtraction done by next weekend, giving me a couple of days to get the spreadsheet updated.

EDIT: I discovered I uploaded and un-updated copy of the earnings spreadsheet last night. That has been corrected.

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