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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

We had only 5 stocks from the earnings list reporting last week, so I made charts of all 5. Unfortunately a lot of them are Chinese small caps and do not have very extensive data. I have made no changes to the ccharts: The bottom black line is price, black bars volume, blue line price relative to SPX, bottom red line EPS, top res line EPS growth rate, and top black line revenue growth rate.

This is VIT, which I do not have quarterly revenue data for. It hasn't been trading long, but EPS growth is pretty consistent, and price has gone straight up off the 2009 bottom. It hasn't formed a base yet, and buying pullbacks has been the best strategy so far, but the vertical move is not likely to continue.

This is CFSG, which has had consistent, if slow, earnings growth, but revenue growth is all over the place. It did hit a new all time high before the recent pullback, which so far appears to be the formation of a base.

I am missing the last year's revenue data on ESLT, thus the big downward move in the top black line. This underwent high growth in revenue before earnings growth shot up. The bear market of 2008 produced only a minor correction here, and it now appears to be building either a new flat base, or a high handle on the previous base, I will see if I can dig up the missing data before this reports next quarter.

HOGS has had flashes of high earnings growth, but revenue growth has been dropping. Price has basically gone nowhere, but volume has been increasing.

WLFC has had it's earnings falling off a cliff for four straight quarters now, but revenue growth seems to be rebounding. Price hit a new high recently despite the drop in earnings,and is now sharply pulling back. The drop in earnings growth would have been enough to bump this off the list, but I am going to hold off to see if the growth in revenue continues.

I keep promising to improve the charts, but have been so busy lately I haven't had the time to work on them, but earnings season is winding down, which may permit more time. I am still looking for a way to incprporate annual earnings and revenue into the chart without cluttering them up.

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