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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

we had 11 stocks on the earnings list reporting last week, way too many to do charts on, so i pockdd out the ones most of interest. I will be checking the others later and if anything of interest shows up I will post it. The charts haven't changed: in the top panel red is EPS growth rate, lack revenue growth rate; middle banel red is EPS, black is price, and blue is price relative to SPX. In the bottom panel the black bars are volume.

First up is BMI, a formerly fast growing stocks that got hit in the commodities crash of 2008. Earnings and revenue fell off a clif, and so did price. Since then it has recovered about half of what it lost, and earnings are showing signs of picking up. This has a lot of potential for growth, but potential doesn't mean squat; the market looks for results.

IVC is growing very slowly, and revenues for the last 5 years are essentailly flat. Price has gone basically nowhere. It does show flashes of high growth occasionally, which is how it made the list, but is not really what we are looking for.

I got the split adjusted numbers for TESS, and it reported a quarter of decelerating growth. This is another one which has potential, and did nearly get to a new 5 year high this year, but is pulling back sharply on the slowdown in growth.

The Earnings spreadsheet is updated. There are still a few stocks that need to be adjusted for splits, so I will be doing that during the week, hopefully I will have it fully updated and accurate withing the next couple of weeks.

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