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Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Morning Update

GDP for Q2 came in this morning at 2.4%, which does suck, but then again, was there anyone really expecting it not to suck? Apparently there was, because the market is really struggling on the news. Looking at the chart, it seems that 1088 is where the support is, and that is where we have bounced. It's been a pretty lame bounce so far, so in case it doesn't hold, the next level of support is down near 1074. Leading sectors today are XLF and XLP, lagging is XLK, with several other sectors doing only slightly better. The Nasdaq is lagging, but the Russell 2000 is leading, so I'll be watching for a reversal. Tresaury yields are down, are doing their usual "fill the gap" action, but the gap is pretty big today, it will have a long way to go to fill it. I have oil down big, gold up a bit. The dollar dropped overnight against the yen, but is rising now. So far the evidence points to a reversal.

I have 12 new highs so far, with one breakout, QSFT. These are the stocks I had scheduled to report last night: BEZ -4%, EPR -0.4%, FPO -2.4%, NR -4.9%, PWER 18%, ROVI 4.5%, SUN 0.5%, SYNA -0.7%, THOR -15%. Those scheduled for this morning: BWA 0.8%. That is the last of this week's schedule.

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