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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Relative Strength By Industry

I now have enough data to add a 40 week average to the industry spreadsheet. these are the 10 industries with the highest 40 week average of stocks in the relative strength range. The top industries (other than oil and gas pipelines) may be too small too make too much of the data, but overall, these are the groups showing the best long term strength.

Here the groups are sorted by the difference between the 4 week and 10 week average, with the higher the number, the stronger the uptrend. If you have been following the nightly new highs list, you won't be surprised to see oil and gas pipelines at the top here.

Finally the groups were sorted by one week increase. Again, the reuslts aren't surprising, since it is the weakest groups that have the most room to move up.

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