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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's Leading Industry

Name Stocks Change
Recreational Vehicles 7 7.00%
Copper 8 4.46%
Steel & Iron 34 4.31%
Industrial Metals & Minerals 56 3.85%
Aluminum 5 3.54%
Wholesale, Other 5 3.32%
Broadcasting - Radio 11 3.09%
General Contractors 10 2.88%
Consumer Services 12 2.76%
Resorts & Casinos 15 2.67%

Today's top 10 industries.

Here are the top 4 stocks in the recreational vehicles group by market cap. HOG and PII just reported earnings, and HOG is making a big move. It is a previously strong stock that had a big drop during this correction. PII is the only stock in the group with any relative strength.

Here is the relative strength by industry data. Most of the charts in the group look similar to HOG,and it is relected here; a preiviously strong group that has fallen apart during the correction. There may be a few possibilities for pretty substantial bounces here. especially if HOG's move continues.

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