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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today's Leading Industry

Name Stocks Change
Foreign Money Center Banks 15 3.29%
Photographic Equipment & Supplies 6 2.04%
Tobacco Products, Other 2 1.93%
Specialized Health Services 26 1.90%
Regional - Southeast Banks 45 1.66%
Personal Computers 3 1.56%
Diversified Utilities 27 1.39%
Regional - Midwest Banks 55 1.24%
Foreign Regional Banks 17 1.15%
Music & Video Stores 4 1.10%

Today's top 10 industries.

Foreign money center banks is today's leading industry with 16 stocks, including several mega-caps. This was surprisingly strong until January of this year, when it fell off a cliff. Most of the charts in this group are in very nasty down trands, but do appear to have some signs of reversal, and many are getting pretty big bounces today. Many of the stocks in this group, especially those in Europe, are very news driven, and frankly, I wouldn't touch these with Ben Stein's money.

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