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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's Leading Industry

Name Stocks Change
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining 9 2.09%
Drug Stores 5 2.05%
Resorts & Casinos 15 2.01%
Diversified Communication Services 31 1.37%
Property Management 37 1.23%
Photographic Equipment & Supplies 6 1.08%
Agricultural Chemicals 14 1.03%
Silver 9 0.99%
Air Delivery & Freight Services 10 0.97%
CATV Systems 18 0.89%

Here are today's top 10 industries.

Here is non-metallic mining. Finviz has this listed as a 9 stock group, but one is listed twice due to a reverse split, so it is actually 8 stocks.  It is not a terribly strong group, but I think this is the 1st 40 week average I have seen that is actually trending up (slightly). Some of the charts in this group look pretty good (AHGP, MDM, and until recently, HWD). Unfortunately, some of the stocks in this group probably belong in other groups (there is no "coal" group, but there are coal companies in several different groups).

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