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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

I have 11 stocks from the earnings list reporting last week, and in preparing the charts for this week, ran head on into a buzzsaw of missing and/or inaccurate data. Almost all the stocks reporting were foreign, and several had data that was very hard to come by. I managed to get two of the worst cases, CTFO and MAIL, in useable shape, but this is really getting frustrating, as I am wasting way to much time trying to find information that is supposed to be readily available. As usual, the top panel black is revenue growth rate, red EPS growth rate, the middle panel balck is price, red EPS, and bue price relative to SPX, and the bottom black bars are volume.

I had CTFO reporting accelerating growth, but discovered I missed last quarter's report. I now have the data and this quarter's growth is decelerating. Revenue growth is also slowing. This has pulled back from it's high,  and is right back to about where it started when it IPO'd. Revenue had been growing faster than EPS, but that is slowing as well, so this may be in for a few quarters of slow growth.

Trying to get information on MAIL is an absolute joke. I am sitting here with a Standard and Poors report dated August 8, 2010, and they haven't bothered to update earnings or revenue data in over a year. And these guys get paid for this. So, I am missing revenue data, but was able to (painstakingly) reconstruct earnings data. I found I was missing not one, but three quarters worth of data, so this actually reported a quarter of negative growth. This is an Israeli company, and although they are listed on the Nasdaq, they don't seem to go to the trouble of filing paperwork with the SEC. Swell.

I have been changing over to a new database system for this project, which will make this process a whole lot time consuming, and I hope to have it done by the end of this quarter. Unfortunately, every one of the stocks that reported last week were stocks I had not put in the new database yet, so that really ate up my time last night and this morning. Hopefully next week will go better.

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