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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Relative Strength By Industry

There was a big drop in the number of stocks in the relative strength range this week, so  did not expect to see many groups gaining strength, but waas surprised to see quite a few. These are the top 10 in one week gains. most are already weak groups, with the exception of REIT-Residential.

These are the top 10 in difference between the 4 week and 10 week averages, which would make these the groups with the strongest short term up trends.

These are the top 10 in 40 week average. These are the long term strongest groups. Oil and gas pipelines has been at or near the top since I gathered enough data to calculate a 40 week average, and has recently been prominently featured on the new highs list. I have nearly a full year of data, so I will be making some changes to the spreadsheet that will, hopefully, make it more useful.

All spreadsheets except the earnings sheet are updated. As I did last week, I will be gng through it looking for errors and will upload what I have finished tomorrow.

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