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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

There was nothing on the earnings list reporting last week, but I still have several stocks that reported this quarter that I have not graphed yet, so today I am posting 4 that reported the last week of July. The price data here is as of July 30. In the top panel, the black line is revenue growth rate, red is EPS growth rate; in the middle panel red is EPS, black price, and blue price relative to SPX; and at the bottom is volume.

This is SYNA, which is closely related to AAPL (they apparently make some of the components in AAPL products), and EPS wise, they are pulling the same operatings earnings vs. GAAP earnings crap that AAPL is. This graph is GAAP earnings, operating earnings look much rosier. How ever, SYNA has gone nearly straight down since reporting, so the market isn't drinking the kool-aid. Too bad they won't call out AAPL the same way.

GMCR has been one of the strongest stocks in the market after beginning it's high growth phase in 2007. It has probably now ended that phase, evidenced by a big stock split this quarter which puts it;s float at over 100 million shares. This will be a market leader for some time, but wll be coming off the list as it is no longer one of the stocks we are looking for.

ININ shows spurts of high growth, but has slowed down recently. This is one I think has a lot of potential.

CPLA is at this moment going through it's high growth phase, but is also getting creamed of late along with the rest of the education stocks (apparently the Dept. of Education is investigating some of them, and from what I have heard, for good reason).  This is one of those situation where the stock is radioactive until they are either charged with something or cleared, in which case it might be the buy of the decade.

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