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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

Last night I declared that nothing on the earnings list had reported last week, after checking the earnings reoprts I had for the week, but this morning I realized I forgot to include Friday after the close (which I usually do, as there are rarely any reporting then). Well, it turns out we had one, NAII, which is one I was able to get data for from Standard and Poors, which I have pointed out before may not be all that accurate, but it is better than nothing.  On the chart, in the top panel black is revenue growth rate, red is EPS growth rate; in the middle, black is price, red EPS, and blue price relative to SPX; and at the bottom black is volume.

NAII reported a quarter of negative growth this quarter, and has a very spotty record. It occasionally posts very good numbers, which often look better than they are because they are being compared with losses from the previous year. It is now declining in annual revenue and EPS, which is not a good sign. Unless this can show some consistency, it will eventually drop off the list as I find better candidates.

My project of getting all the stocks on the earnings list updated and graphed before the end of the quarter does not look like it will be completed on time, and I am putting the industry spreadsheet now in the front burner, as I now have enough data to get that in a really usable format, so that is now taking priority over this project.

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