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Saturday, September 18, 2010

IBD 100

It was another good week on the IBD 100, as it outperformed the ovrall market substantially again. JOBS was the biggest gainer on last week's 100. As of last Friday (blue arrow) it was in a short consolidation which it broke out of Thursday of this week. It followed through yesterday on even higher volume. Average volume  has been rising rapidly on this, and ATR is rising, so this one is going to be volatile for a while, making big moves in both directions, but the overall trend is up.  A small position with a very wide, or no, stop would be my preferred strategy here.

JKS was the second biggest gainer. This is another volatile one (I believe last week it was one of the big decliners), and since it is a recent IPO, doesn't have well defined support and resistance levels. The strategy here is about the same as for JOBS.

CLF was last week's biggest decliner. the daily chart is a bit of a mess, but on a weekly chart you see a pretty nice double bottom base, the breakout point being the bottom horizontal line. It is now testing it from above, and that along with the 50dma should be pretty good support. If you were inclined to buy this, this would be the place to do it.

VGR was the second biggest decliner. This has been in a steady uptrend for months now, with only minor pullbacks. It has gotten some high volume selling recently, though, and despite the latest pullback still looks pretty extended. A bounce off the 50dma would be the only entry point I would contemplate here.

The distribution day count is now 1 on the Nasdaq and NYSE, 0 on the SPX and Dow.

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