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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relative Strength By Industry

Here are the top 10 one week changes in percentage of stocks in the relative strength range. These are the groups making strong short moves.

These are the top 10 in the difference between the 4 week and 10 week averages. These are the strongest intermediate term moves.

These are the top 10 40 week averages, the strongest groups long term. The spreadsheet has the complete data. The spreadsheet is in the middle of a revision that is stalling due to bugs I have not been able to work out. One thing I plan to have is a way to monitor for rising moving averages without having to make 212 graphs.

The relative strength spreadsheet has been updated, but Google gave me trouble with it again, so most of the data on page 3 was deleted. I will reupload it later if Google cooperates. the earnings spreadsheet won;t be updated this weekend as there is nothing tho update on it.

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