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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today's Leading Industry

Name Stocks Change 40 week avg
Broadcasting - Radio 11 3.56% 55.95
Drugs Wholesale 6 2.74% 49.58
Hospitals 12 2.48% 34.72
Recreational Vehicles 7 2.14% 47.02
Computer Based Systems 7 1.98% 25.42
Home Health Care 11 1.94% 42
Business Services 102 1.62% 35.23
Industrial Equipment Wholesale 11 1.52% 40.74
Medical Practitioners 4 1.46% 36.25
Air Services, Other 7 1.45% 55.71

Here are today's top 10 industries.

It is becoming apparent that trying to track groups based on market cap is futile when dealing with a group dominated by one large cap (in this case SIRI, at $4 B, greater than the other 10 stocks combined). The relative strength method, despite it's many flaws, is as far as I am concerned a far better way of tracking them. Unfortuantely gathering the data is very time consuming and practical only on a weekly basis. Broascasting-radio was not long ago one of the strongest in the market, but is now one of the weakest. All of the charts here with the exception of SIRI look absolutely awful, and many were at new highs back in April. If you judged it on market cap alone, it would look deceptively strong because of the relative strength of SIRI.

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