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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Earnings Growth Charts

 We had one stock from the earnings list report last week, plus one that reported preliminar results the week before. There are no changes t the graphs, so if you are new to this, in the top panel the red line is EPS growth rate, black revenue growth rate; in the middle red is EPS, black price, and blue price relative to SPX; and at the bottom the black bars are volume.

This is LPHI. They reported preliminary results the week prior, and I don't know when they are scheduled to actually report, so I went ahead and made the graph now. they reported a quarter of accelerating growth, although "growth" is still pretty sluggish.  The rise is 2007 looks more dramatic on this chart than it really was because of the linear scale, but it was still pretty impressive. Whether or not this will ever get back to the growth levels of 2007 are unknown, but right now it looks like it's better days are behind it.

SNX has been a leading stock in the recent past, and is still showing pretty decent growth. It looks like it has just entered a down cycle in it's growth rate, and is now building a pretty long base. It's ong term uptrend, which got violated during the 2008 panic, is back intact and there is nothing on the chart indicating that will not continue.

I am still trying to find a way to incorporate annual growth rates nto the chart without cluttering them up. Annual rates are less "noisy" than quarterly rates, and give you a slightly better idea about the growth prospects of a company. While Grapher 8 does the job adequately, if I can find a better platform to make these graphs I will use it.

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