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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Relative Strength By Industry

 I have highlighted the groups that have 40 week averages over 59 (which is the current line between the top 10 and the rest). These are the groups with the highest current percentage of stocks in the relative strength range. Most are already strong groups.

These are the largest 1 week increases. Not surprisingly these are mostly small and/or weak groups.

These are the top differences between the 4 week and 10 week averages. These have the strongest short term up trends.

These are the top 40 week averages. The ones not highlighted did not appear in any of the other sorts, so I left them un-highlighted. These are the strongest long term groups.

We are now starting to pinpoint areas of strength, I am still working on a new spreadsheet that will quickly alert me to rising moving averages (I can do that now, just not quickly). I will start looking at some of the groups these sorts are isolating.

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