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Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday New Highs

There were 453 new highs today, here is the list.

These are the high volume advancers and decliners from the relative strength list"



Ticker Relative Volume Change
Ticker Relative Volume Change
SHOO 5.68 4.22%
POZN 15.14 -10.18%
ADC 4.33 2.11%
NPSP 7.93 -0.43%
SOL 3.76 6.55%
CODI 4.42 -3.83%
LGL 3.38 8.59%
MPW 4.07 -4.29%
BEXP 2.64 0.57%
RDEA 3.76 -2.98%
SFI 2.57 3.23%
QLTY 3.44 -9.68%
ABCB 2.57 0.45%
DRL 3.35 -6.42%
OFG 2.09 3.40%
IO 3.01 -5.35%
CLR 1.77 2.72%
ATEC 2.88 -3.88%
CYD 1.74 1.30%
SHLM 2.77 -2.73%
CATM 1.73 2.42%
HOV 2.65 -0.70%
BTN 1.66 4.05%
BMR 2.47 -4.29%
BEE 1.59 2.88%
BPT 2.45 -0.68%

NNA 2.34 -0.13%

GIII 2.27 -5.89%

DGIT 2.2 -3.93%

MTG 2.17 -4.66%

CRUS 2.14 -5.08%

SPF 2.12 -2.88%

TWI 2.03 -0.40%

OFC 2.01 -2.65%

GSIT 1.96 -3.86%

KRC 1.95 -2.88%

AMD 1.93 -6.69%

AEO 1.91 -1.00%

BGG 1.87 -1.25%

MNI 1.82 -5.22%

ENTR 1.78 -8.03%

GBCI 1.76 -0.05%

MSO 1.73 -2.34%

ACAS 1.73 -4.96%

BYD 1.72 -4.01%

TNK 1.71 -1.77%

FCS 1.71 -5.95%

HAST 1.69 -9.09%

RELL 1.67 -0.30%

MU 1.67 -8.42%

ATHR 1.64 -6.16%

JOSB 1.62 -5.54%

NOG 1.61 -0.61%

BRE 1.61 -3.04%

DCTH 1.61 -5.38%

NRP 1.58 -0.12%

PVG 1.57 -0.27%

BFS 1.57 -3.82%

MFB 1.54 -0.87%

MAC 1.54 -1.97%

CPY 1.54 -5.75%

VSAT 1.53 -2.72%

AGM 1.51 -0.31%

WYNN 1.51 -5.27%

URI 1.5 -0.69%

We had a very busy earnings week, I will have a complete summary this weekend.

Friday Weekly Charts

first it was the goldman Sachs news, then the disappointing (after you read between the lines) GDP numbers, and the realization that a Greece rescue is going to be a lot more complicated than everyone thought, and the market decided to puke. We are pretty clearly going through distribution, as any money manager with half a brain isn't taking any chances at squeezing out the last percentage points of this rally. I pointed out a head and shoulders pattern this morning on the intraday chart, and on the daily you can just make it out. 1080 is the critical support level, and until that either holds or breaks, there is no way of guessing which way we are going to go, but the momentum is down.

On the weekly chart, the most interesting thing has to be the volume for the last 3 weeks, combined with just about zero net gain, this also points out selling into strength. 1220'ish is the high so far, and seems to be putting up resistance, but  think we have a good chance to hit 1250 before this is done.

I targeted the 2008 high for the area the Nasdaq would hit resistance, and it does seem to be. Both indexes are still above the 10 week moving average, so don't expect a bear fest yet, and this could fall quite a ways and still be n an uptrend. A correction here is not out of the question. For the Elliot Wave folks, you can see a near perfect 5 wave pattern on the way up, which means we are in the final part of the move. I am no expert on Elliot Wave, but as I understand it, a 5 wave pattern is in the direction of the primary trend, which would mean the primary trend is up.

We woll do something a little different this week, as one of the week's big stories was the rush to safety in gold. We even had an anomaly a couple of time this weollar index up[ and gold up. As every central banker in the world tries to race to the bottom to save their ponzi finace systems, gold will break out here and head higher. And contrary to another commentator, who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty, rising gold is not a sign of economic recovery.

The other rush to safety in US Treasuries, which looked poise to break down (with yields breaking out). Instead, we appear to be driving yields down, just in time for new treasury issues next month. Break that 40 week average, and things will get very interesting here.

The market is clearly under distribution, the news is getting worse, and even Goldman sachs can't save the market now. If this isn't the top, we have to be awfully close.

I will have the new highs update shortly.


CSTR just picked a bad day to report. It gapped up big, probably too big, especially on a day of extreme market weakness. The breakout point was actually close to the 52 week high set back July, before forming a very long base. This was a market leader a year ago, but doesn't appear to be likely to be one again for a while.


CITB was the relative volume champ in earnings breakouts today, and although you really can't see it on this chart, this is a high, tight flag pattern, as the high of the initial move was nearly double the low.


Another thinly traded stock breaking out, this time not on earnings. In fact, there isn't any news on this at all. Just a nice little pattern for a low volume stock.

Today's Leading Industry

Since it is Friday, and my industry data is now a week old, there probably isn't much point in doing a leading industry post, but today's is toy and hobby stores, which is a one stock group. BBW is the one stock, and it is going parabolic here, This has the conditions necessary to form the O;Neil high, tight flag pattern, so this is one to keep an eye on. Of course, it cold also collapse into a quivering heap.

Market Leadership

Here is a new project I have been working on. I wanted a short list of leading stocks in the market, that can be used as an overall gauge of market strength. It is a combination of technical and fundamental strength, sort of like the methods used to pick the IBD 100 but I plan to have it down to 10 stocks. It is currently at 12, but I just looked over the charts and there are a couple that can probably be cut out. I will monitor this list daily, making note of major events.

I entered these into the screener on Finviz. This page is the charts page, so you can see the charts of all 12 on one page. The data used to screen these was a week old, and the method used has not been finalized, but this is a start, and so far looks pretty good.

Options Data

Today's unusual options trading, from

Breakout Candidates

Here are today's top 4 relative volume breakouts. All are big gaps, and all are on earnings.

Friday Morning Update


In a bit of schizophrenia at the open, the Dow gapped up, the SPX gapped down, and the Nasdaq opened almost flat, on what looks to me to be a confusing GDP report (undoubtably to be revised several times, so today's numbers mean nothing other than an excuse to jerk the market around). However, after anout 10 minutes or so, the markets synchronized themselves and started moving in lockstep. I moved yesterday's resistance down to 1211 today, 1199 as support, 1205 as the pivot, which is held for about half an hour, but just after gtting the chart, 1205 broke with a vengeance and we are now trying to hold 1199. Notice the head and shoulders pattern developing, although on a 15 minute chart that probably doesn't mean a whole lot. Leading sectors are XLP and XLU, traiiling and XLE and XLF. Financials are under pressure from the latest news on Great Satan Goldman Sachs. It seems that Federal porsecutors are now looking at possible criminal charges. What took so long? The TNX started heading down right at the open, a warning that the market was in for some weakness. Gold and oil were up big premarket, but that is reversing (gold is holding up fairly well, as yesterday's optimism on Greece fades). It took a while, but the market has taken a decidely bearish tone.

I have 309 new highs, with a boatload of big gap breakouts including CTIB, JOUT, CSTR, PWER, SHOO, RMD, APKT, THOR, SOL, and AMCC.  From last might we had reports from: CATM up 4.4%, FPO down 2%, IMGN up 1.2%, SIMO up 0.6%. Thiss morning we had aonly AVP reporting, they are down 0.7%.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday New Highs

There were 482 new highs today, here is the list.

The high volume advancers and decliners from the relative strength list.



Ticker Relative Volume Change
Ticker Relative Volume Change
POZN 8.3 10.32%
HAST 5.27 -2.15%
GSIT 6.63 11.98%
ATEC 3.29 -5.05%
SFI 4.9 14.04%
DRL 3.21 -10.97%
LGL 4.58 5.97%
OFC 2.82 -0.46%
MSO 4.55 3.95%
BONT 2.67 -0.16%
CRUS 3.77 7.55%
ABCB 2.59 -0.36%
BOFI 3.4 4.78%
DWA 1.96 -1.72%
ENTR 3 8.73%
STRI 1.71 -1.23%
PMI 2.86 6.38%
BANR 1.66 -1.72%
URI 2.8 8.72%
LINC 1.59 -0.32%
ACC 2.73 1.04%
MCF 1.51 -0.04%
DCTH 2.39 2.08%

RDEA 2.26 3.23%

OFG 2.22 5.20%

FCH 2.14 7.41%

LMIA 2.01 0.61%

CLP 1.99 11.73%

JOSB 1.95 4.75%

MPW 1.95 3.04%

HOV 1.92 9.48%

MNI 1.92 3.42%

IO 1.88 10.05%

LNG 1.85 0.91%

BYD 1.82 8.00%

AGM 1.82 5.71%

NPSP 1.82 1.45%

HEK 1.82 0.49%

ADC 1.78 2.07%

BEE 1.77 9.09%

TNK 1.75 0.31%

CELM 1.73 1.40%

ACAS 1.7 7.50%

CODI 1.68 2.09%

BEXP 1.66 4.81%

KEG 1.59 1.31%

FR 1.55 6.62%

Here are the 4 stocks I have scheduled for earnings today after the close, along with after hours trading: IMGN 0%, SIMO up 5.8%, CATM up 1%, FPO 0%. Before the open tomorrow I have only AVP scheduled.

Bears Hibernate

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the ATR line dropping to a very low level, and posited a guess that we were in for a pretty big move, but I couldn't figure out which direction. Turns out, it was in both directions. We are now in a widening range (sort of a reverse pennant), but once again volume is declining on the way up. Despite that, CMF is rising. Whether today was a case of shorts scrambling to cover, bullish sentiment over the on again bailout of Greece, or the worswe than expected but still somewhat improving employment situation I have no idea. However, this bounce seems like an ideal place to take profits, because the risk is starting to get a ;little high here.

The Nasdaq volume, by contrast, picked up, and a lot of that had to be BIDU, the clear leader in the market which is threatening to go parabolic. The real leadership in the market is here, with BIDU, AAPL, PCLN, and until today, GMCR. We do not have the reverse pennnant here, but are in a pretty straightforwad trading range, and depite what has seemed to be relative weakness, we have a price relative line that is basically going sideways.

The Russell 2000 (via the tracking ETF, IWM) still has a pattern of higher lows and higher highs, and until that breaks this has to be assumed to be in a strong uptrend. The price relative is also in a strong uptrend, a very bullish indication, so we really have to give the market the benefir of the doubt.

Crude oil (via the ETF USO) made a big move today after a brief pullback which bounced right off the 200dma. This is also in an uptrend, but is making painfully slow pregress. Today's move probably had more to do with yesterday's kick in the pants from the FOMC.

The  dollar (via the ETF UUP) took a dip today after the Euro got a boost from Greece. I expect this is temporary, as this is getting as bad as the Ambac "rescues" that were happening every day back in early 2008. None of them panned out, and I don't believe the Greek rescue will pan out either. The Germans seem to be smart enough to realize a bail out is just going to open the door to bail out everyone else.

Until proven otherwise, today's market move has to be considered a bounce. However, we are not far from making a new high, and that will once again change the complexion of the market. Now if we can just get some volume.

i will have the new high update shortly.


SRLS was the relative volume champ among earnings breakouts today, but it has been increasing in volume of late, formed a pretty decent cup and high handle pattern, and has a nice looking price relative line. ATR was rising during the base building process, indicating that there probably was no real shakeout, probably because this was not heavily traded enough to draw much institutional interest until recently. CMF is misleading due to a high volume day in which it closed in the lower half of it's range: CMF is generally unreliable on thinly traded stocks.


One of the stocks on the earnings list to report, it broke through a resistance level at 25, on high relative, but low nominal, volume. This does pretty well when it gets some volume, but that isn't very common. Today's volume, and the late sell off, is a little disappointing, and the price relative line could be a little stronger.


Normally I post breakouts, but today I wanted to look at one of the leading stocks that is breaking down. GMCR had an earnings disappointment, which gapped it down big, but this was breaking down well before that. About two weeks ago it broke the 50dma on heavy volume, a very clear warning. Did someone big get advance notice? We'll probably never know, but in a case like this, I would have assumed yes until proven otherwise. The good news is it is still above major support and the 200dma, but it's leadership status is now pretty much over.

On the weekly chart theere are 3 major pivot points at 30, 55, and 80. The 80 level is now history, and there really aren't any low risk entry points above 55. This has undergone 2 weeks of heavy distribution, has had a high short interest ever since it started rallying in late 2008, and will probably attract a lot more shorts. At this point it is damaged goods and I would wait for the next quarter's report to see if it contimues to deteriorate.

Options Data

Today's unusual options trading, from


A 14% gap up after a huge previous run, and a  10 for 1 stock split. If these aren't signs of a blow off top coming, I don't know what are.

Breakout Candidates

Here are the top 4 relative volume breakouts, all on earnings.

Thursday Morning Update

It appears Blogger is back to normal now, so it's back to what really counts, the charts. The non-bailout bailout of Greece appears to be underway, as the EU and IMF are now finalizing an aid package for Greece. I may be wrong, but if Greece is to be bailed out, what will stop Portugal, Spain, and Italy from doing the same thing? Maybe we should call this new economy the "moral hazard" bubble.

Here is the box on the Finviz home page showing today's unemployment claims data. This is being given a positive spin this morning, but I will let the red pixels speak for themselves. We have quite a few sectors bunched up just pver 1% positive, but XLV and XLY are slightly in the lead, with XLP being the lagging sector. With the Euro being rescued (for now), oil is skyrocketing and gold is down, but surprisingly not by much. Folloowing a recent theme, the dollar is down against everything but the yen. Oddly, treasury yields did not gap up this morning, and are now slightly negative. And to take a little more wind out of the bullish sails, both the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are lagging, with the Russell doing quite badly on a relative basis.

I have 165 new highs so far, with breakouts in SRLS, IRBT, PNS, RAS, AKAM, KEI, GTI, BIDU, KAI, and ADEP. We have a very busy day for earnings, so I made an HTML table to make it a little easier. On the left are those reporting last night, on the right those reporting this morning (I haven't verified that all those have actually reported yet):


Ticker Change
Ticker Change
ENTR 5.50%
ADC 1.12%
GMCR -11.17%
BEXP 2.70%
ICO 4.93%
BOFI 6.12%
KRC 0.99%
CLP 2.71%
LHCG -3.92%
CXG 0.03%
OFC -2.53%
EMS -1.51%
TESS 4.38%
KEG 1.88%
TIS -13.48%
LANC -2.71%

POZN 3.38%

SFI 13.33%

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday New Highs

There were 171 new highs today, here is the list.

These are the high volume advancers and decliners from the relative strength list



Ticker Relative Volume Change
Ticker Relative Volume Change
TWI 3.89 1.53%
PMI 4.28 -4.99%
DCTH 3.4 7.09%
HAST 4.11 -9.07%
ATEC 3.11 4.72%
POZN 3.23 -1.53%
NPSP 2.86 7.48%
ENTR 2.85 -1.68%
CRUS 2.86 3.06%
MSO 2.49 -3.80%
CPY 2.55 9.78%
FR 2.37 -6.87%
MNI 2.46 5.30%
HOV 2.2 -0.91%
CELM 2.34 6.40%
SOL 2.15 -4.39%
OMC 2.32 0.84%
MU 2.13 -0.97%
RS 2.12 0.85%
LULU 2.1 -6.08%
SPF 2.04 5.18%
TNK 2 -1.15%
C 1.82 2.53%
RRGB 1.99 -5.18%
BONT 1.76 4.54%
MTG 1.97 -0.29%
DRL 1.69 2.21%
PAL 1.75 -2.72%
LMIA 1.64 1.63%
NNA 1.74 -0.40%
ACAS 1.56 1.35%
JOSB 1.74 -3.09%
ATSG 1.55 4.02%
LPX 1.72 -2.51%
CLR 1.53 1.33%
DWA 1.69 -2.31%

SIMO 1.67 -10.45%

BANR 1.65 -1.35%

WXCO 1.63 -2.08%

SCS 1.56 -0.60%

LINC 1.56 -1.52%

ACC 1.56 -2.41%

LXP 1.54 -0.14%

LWSN 1.53 -2.28%

OFG 1.52 -0.52%

NFLX 1.51 -2.63%

SMOD 1.51 -2.64%

I have a lot scheduled after the close, and not much time to check on it, so I will give the tickers of those I have scheduled, along with after hours trading. I will have a more oomplete report in the morning: ENTR down 1.3%, OFC 0%, ICO up 5%, kRC 0%, GMCR down 13%, LHCG down 0.1%, TIS down 8%, TESS 0%.

FOMC Day Anti Climax

Today was a perffect illustration of how irrelevant the FOMC has become. Normally there is a big surge in volume and huge moves in both directions right after the decision is announced, before the market settles on a direction. FOMC day has been the launching pad both for rallies and corrections in the past, but today, we barely go a bounce. Reading the text of the decision gives one a sense of deja vu, as it was nearly identical to the last one. Yes, rates will be held low for an extended period of time. yes, savers will be robbed blind to buy time for the banks. And yes, inflation expectations will remain low, except for those items we actually have to buy. So, if ypu were expecting a game changer today, you came away disappointed.

The Dow industrials hit resistance at the underside of the broken 20dema, but like the SPX, seem to be estabishing a support level at today's low. Momoentum is now sharply downward, and today's meager bounce did little to change that. However, even a decent drop from here will nly get us to the 50dma, and the January high should be pretty strong support.

The Nasdaq lagged today, and barely finished positive on the day, but the overall trend in relative strength is still up. A couple more days of weakness will change that, however.

The Russell 2000, by contrast, is getting stronger, with the healthiest bounce today. This has yet to indicate a major correction is coming, not even breaking the 20dema yet. So, which will it be that leads us, the Nasdaq or the Russell?

The leading industries today (sorry about the lack of post) were gold and silver, numbers 1 and 2 respectively.  The XAU looks l=nearly identical to the gold chart, with the miners lagging the metal by just a bit. I'm looking for a breakout here following the breakout in gold. the situation in Europe, while bad for the rest of the market, will be good for these guys, as gold bugs love uncertainty.

I spent part of the day contemplating what I was going to do with this blog. Blogger's changes were going to make it very difficult for me to upload images, and charts are 99% of the focus of this blog. It left me quite depressed and I didn't do my regular intraday chart posts. After the close, however, I discovered that Blogger reverted to the old way to upload images. Perhaps they were trying something new that didn't work worth a crap, or they just had a bug in the system.  I am still looking into alternatives so I am not helpless in the event of another Blogger hiccup, but hopefully things are back to relative normal.\

It'w Wednesday, meaning I have to get the new highs update up earlier than usual.


JDAS formed the dreaded black candle on earnings today, but still closed above the breakout point. The price relative line is horribly weak, which could be a warnings of a possible breakout failure. CMF went very negative during the recent consolidation, also a bad sign. Also notable, although less obvious, is a decrease in average daily volume.


RFMD looks like a pre-earnings breakout, but the previous high was set back in September, and was right where the top line resistance was, and was obviously putting up resistance until today. Notice that ATR started to rise a couple of weeks before earnings, and volume did as well, but the resistance held until today.


KTCC did nothing for months  after hitting bottom in March 2009, couldn't draw flies for volume, but had pretty decent numbers (and had a pretty good IBD rating). In October it began a series of breakaway gaps, started drawing volume, and has been in a monster uptrend since. It broke out again on earning today after a very nice consolidation along the 50dma. With a float of 9 million shares, this one is going on my radar.

FOMC Decision

 The statement of the Federal Open Market Committee on April 28, 2010:

  "Information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in March suggests that economic activity has continued to strengthen and that the labor market is beginning to improve. Growth in household spending has picked up recently but remains constrained by high unemployment, modest income growth, lower housing wealth, and tight credit. Business spending on equipment and software has risen significantly;  however, investment in nonresidential structures is declining and employers remain reluctant to add to payrolls.  Housing starts have edged up but remain at a depressed level. While bank lending continues to contract, financial market conditions remain supportive of economic growth. Although the pace of economic recovery is likely to be moderate for a time, the Committee anticipates a gradual return to higher levels of resource utilization in a context of price stability.

  "With substantial resource slack continuing to restrain cost pressures and longer-term inflation expectations stable, inflation is likely to be subdued for some time.

  "The Committee will maintain the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and continues to anticipate that economic conditions, including low rates of resource utilization, subdued inflation trends, and stable inflation expectations, are likely to warrant exceptionally low levels of the federal funds rate for an extended period. The Committee will continue to monitor the economic outlook and financial developments and will employ its policy tools as necessary to promote economic recovery and price stability.

  "Voting for the FOMC monetary policy action were: Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman; William C. Dudley, Vice Chairman; James Bullard; Elizabeth A. Duke; Donald L. Kohn; Sandra Pianalto; Eric S. Rosengren; Daniel K. Tarullo; and Kevin M. Warsh. Voting against the policy action was Thomas M. Hoenig, who believed that continuing to express the expectation of exceptionally low levels of the federal funds rate for an extended period was no longer warranted because it could lead to a buildup of future imbalances and increase risks to longer-run macroeconomic and financial stability, while limiting the Committee's flexibility to begin raising rates modestly.

  "In light of improved functioning of financial markets, the Federal Reserve has closed all but one of the special liquidity facilities that it created to support markets during the crisis. The only remaining such program, the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, is scheduled to close on June 30 for loans backed by new-issue commercial mortgage-backed securities; it closed on March 31 for loans backed by all other types of collateral.

The market seems to be greeting this with a gigantic yawn.

Chart Test

This is a test post to see if the chart would upload. This is the SPX chart I would have uploaded with the morning update. Apparently Blogger has changed the way images are uploaded, and frankly, it really sucks now.

S&P Cuts Rating For Spain

Standard and Poors has apparently come out of their coma long enough to realized that several European contries are in serious budget crises. Spain's rating has just been cut to AA.

I am still investigating the image uploading problem I am having with Blogger. If necessary, I will find another way to upload charts.

Monday Morning Update

Blogger is not letting me upload charts, so I have to figure out what is going on here, and it;s a shame, because this morning's chart is a thing of beauty. Yesterday we briefly punctured the 1183 level, a previous level of support which is apparently going to be support again. After yesterday's initial plunge, we bounced up to 1198, which is now resistance, putting a midpoint at 1190.50, which is just a point or so below where we bounced to this morning. So far the market is up, but without an enthusiastic rally. Greece appears to be on the verge of getting emergency aid from the IMF, but we have the problem of Portugal looming, putting a damper on that. It appears yesterday's weakest areas are getting the biggest bounces. Leading up is XLF, with XLB a distant second. Lagging are XLY and XLK. Relative weakness- Dow, Nasdaq; relative strength - Russell 2000. Oil is down, gold is up, and the Euro appears to be getting a little bounce against the dollar. Today is FOMC day, so we can expect a few fireworks in the afternoon, although it becomes more muted with each passing non-decision.

I have 90 new highs so far, with some high volume breakouts in SURG, KTCC, BIN, RES, ISSI, and RFMD. We have a lot of earnings from the relative strength and earnings lists: from last night we have ACC down 0.14%, BWLD down 18%, DWA down 4.4%, EXAC up 2.2%. FR down 2.8%, ININ down 4%, RGR up 10%, SKT down 1%. From this morning: CKSW up 0.4%, LL down 5%, MSO down 3%, TWI up 2.5%. SUSQ is scheduled but has not reported yet.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday New Highs

There were 314 new highs today, here is the list.

These are the high volume advancers and decliners from the relative strength list.



Ticker Relative Volume Change
Ticker Relative Volume Change
NNA 12.42 0.10%
PMI 16.06 -13.16%
CRUS 8.26 16.27%
HAST 9.63 -17.96%
PPDI 3.66 8.18%
MCF 6.65 -8.94%
DRL 3.51 3.60%
ARGN 3.19 -9.44%
DCTH 3.5 3.21%
BANR 3.17 -5.74%
ATEC 3.23 0.72%
CPY 2.74 -4.47%
POZN 3.04 0.00%
HOV 2.74 -8.71%
IDSA 2.8 1.02%
MTG 2.44 -10.30%
LION 2.53 2.05%
MSO 2.32 -7.19%
GSIT 1.81 0.83%
NFLX 2.3 -5.64%
TNK 1.8 0.38%
C 2.25 -5.86%
AGM 1.64 1.86%
MHGC 2.24 -3.68%
ENTR 1.54 0.56%
CKEC 2.23 -5.39%

MBI 2.23 -6.07%

BYD 2.22 -2.28%

URI 2.22 -4.34%

SPF 2.17 -8.70%

WXCO 2.11 -3.23%

LMIA 2.09 -0.28%

OFG 2.05 -5.33%

TWI 1.94 -8.04%

USG 1.92 -7.07%

CAR 1.91 -4.70%

MAR 1.9 -3.56%

SWC 1.87 -8.78%

RS 1.86 -5.90%

CTEL 1.82 -6.18%

MI 1.79 -5.91%

CXG 1.78 -0.24%

SNX 1.77 -2.69%

LPX 1.77 -5.47%

THO 1.76 -3.13%

MLNX 1.75 -5.15%

LINC 1.74 -4.22%

USEG 1.74 -7.57%

FCS 1.72 -5.06%

CHRS 1.72 -8.36%

OXM 1.7 -0.34%

ACC 1.7 -2.03%

BONT 1.7 -4.08%

ATSG 1.7 -4.74%

AIG 1.7 -16.04%

KEG 1.67 -3.89%

CALM 1.65 -3.31%

ABCB 1.64 -0.45%

MNI 1.64 -6.38%

CODI 1.61 -3.34%

NPSP 1.6 -1.98%

ACAS 1.6 -4.05%

WPRT 1.57 -7.49%

SUI 1.54 -1.79%

BRE 1.54 -3.00%

ZQK 1.5 -1.83%

I have a lot of reports scheduled for after the close, so I will give the tockers of those I have reports on and the trading after hours: ACC 0%, BWLD down 20%, DWA, up 0.3%, EXAC 0%, FR 0%, ININ down 2%, RGR up 5.7%, SKT 0%. Before the open I have MSO, SUSQ, TWI, CKSW, and LL.

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