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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Earnings Growth Charts

Out of 10 stocks I have reporting last week, I had 6 I wanted to graph, but I can't get one of them to load for some reason, so this week I have 5 graphs. I have included annual EPS in the main section of the graph, they are the light red bars. The grapher screwed up the dates, so they do not quite line up with the other parts of the graph, but I think I know what went wrong there, so I should be able to fix that. In the top panel the black lines are revenue growth rate, red EPS growth rate. In the middle the black is price, red lines quarterly EPS, black bars annual EPS, and blue price relative to SPX. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

ALGT went through a couple of years of high growth and became a leading stock in 2009, but has since had one year of negative growth, which also marked a range bound period. This could be building a long base, or it could be a bg head and shoulders top. Notice it has been underperforming the market for over a year. At least for now, I don't think much of the prospects for this one.

CACC has been steadily growing it's earnings for the last 5 years, and busted out after hitting the 2009 low and hasn't looked back since. the really amazing thing is this can't draw flies for volume, and if it ever gets Wall Street's attention, watch out.

NEU is another one that that has been steadily growing, at least on an annual basis. Revenue growth this quarter went quite high, so I would anticipate another good quarter this coming quarter. It just recently broke out of a nice base, butfor reasons I can't fathom, volume has fallen through the floor.

OFG reported accelerating growth this quarter, but you can see annual revenues are going down. This is a candidate for removal on the next update.

PNNT  is one I have no revenue data one, and it did not complete a fiscal year this quarter, so I didn't do the annual EPS, but it is in a hellacious up trend and is following it's quarterly earnings nearly perfectly. I am trying to get ome decent data on this, but it hasn't been covered by Standard and Poors yet.

IVC was the other one I charted, but for unknown reasons the chart would not load. There wasn't anything particularly impressive in that chart, but it did report accelerating growth this quarter. I'm sure we will have another blizzard of charts next week.

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