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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Update

My laptop is really acting up this morning, so I'm flying half blind here. I think it is a Flash overload, with so many websites adding flash scripts to their pages, I load more than a few and it kills the processor. Oh, will, let's get n to today's bullishness. We have another breakout this morning, this time through that tough resistance at 1309. with a recent low, and support level, at 1294, that would put our next resitance level at 1324, and we are only a couple of points from there as I write. We have 4 sectors that are just about even for the lead: XLU, XLE, and XLF. XLP is getting left in the dust, way behind. Oil is down, gold up, treasury yields up.

I have 465 new highs, and I haven't had  achance to check for acquisitions, so some of the breakouts may be those: BEC, LZR, PDE, REFR, CNA, OPK, ENG, MERC, CSL, and BRKL. In keeping with the Monday tradution, none of the stocks I ihad scheduled to report this morning have. I will probably wait until tomorrow to post a revised schedule.

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