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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Earnings Growth Charts

We had a bunch of stocks from the earnings list reporting this week, far to many for me to get graphed and posted today, so I picked the 6 I thought would be most of interest and will try to get some of the others posted later in the quarter when reports slow down. The charts still have some minor problems, but fixing them will take too much time right now, so that will also have to wait for things to slow down. In the top panel, the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, black is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle the red line is quarterly EPS, black price, green quarterly revenue, and blue price relative to SPX. I have one stock reprting the end of a fiscal year, so the large red bars on it are annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.
CAP is first up. It is a recent addition to the list and reported accelerating earnings growth. It has pulled back with the rest of the market, but the pullback has been very big. This did have a decline in EPS and revenue growth last quarter, but not enough to justify the collapse in price. I don't know if this quarter will be enough to reverse the trend, but overall the trend in EPS and revenue is still up, so this will be a real good one to keep an eye on.

DECK also reported accelerating growth. this is one I have been keeping close track of since it is a current market leader. One thing that sticks out here is the increase in volatility both in EPS and price in recent quarters. This one could be a candidate for the next NFLX type collapse.

HWKN recently took a pretty big hit on EPS right after a pretty big drop in revenue, and price responded accordingly. It posted accelerating growth this quarter, but that was only because it was coming off a negative quarter. I might start building the right side of a base, but unless EPS growth picks up, it is not going to go anywhere.

ISSI reported triple digit growth this quarter. This has been in a very long base and could be starting the right side now. This has pretty inconsistent earnings, but the lng term trend is up.

TYL has been in a pretty monstrous uptrend for 5 years. Growth is slowing down a bit, but still high, and price is now accelerating to the upside. I had been watching this for quite some time waiting for an entry point, and when I wasn't watching I got one and missed it.

VLTR also reported accelerating growth. looking at the top panel sure looks like the growth rate cycles, and we are no cming off the trough of the cycle. If that pattern holds, this should start movving up again and will likely break out, probably after next quarter's report,

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