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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Karl Nails It Again

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win
Mohandas Ghandi

Karl Denninger started the Market Ticker blog in 2007 (shortly after I started mine) and I discovered it shortly after. It is one of the blogs I read consistently because he has continuously nailed it when it comes to what has been going on in both Government and Wall Street. Here is his latest post, in which he defends the #OWS movement (and posts pictures of the "Occupy Pensacola" demonstration). His most salient point -

OWS looks like exactly what it appeared to be from 20,000 feet, despite the claims of many in the media and other so-called "punditry."  It's a group of very*****ed-off ordinary citizens who, as I noted on RT, know damn well they got serially screwed, but they're not sure exactly how. 
They know who did it though, and have identified the correct targets for their wrath.

 Now, I'm a tree hugging hippie, so you would expect someone like me to defend the OWS movement, but Denninger is a knuckle dragging right wing troglodyte who is intelligent enough to recognize what is happening.
 I have actually gone out of my way lately to watch Fox News, to see how the pro establishment media is handling this, and this last Friday night, it occurred to me that they are entering stage 3 of  Ghandi's progression: they are no longer making fun of the demonstrators, they are now attacking them. O'Reilly called them "communists", and in a surreal moment, Sean Hannity said they were "in league with Muslims", and Ann Coulter (does anyone really listen to that lunatic anymore?) said they were "demonic". Yes, that's right, possessed by demons. Last night I watched John Stossel say they had the wrong target, that they really should be against big government. Well, maybe Stossel should go to one of those public schools he so roundly criticizes so he can learn how to read. This is a screen shot of the A99 website :

The poorly drawn red arrows are mine (obviously). It would sure appear to me that "big government" actually is one of their grievances. If a lowly blogger like me, who has zero contacts in the media or government, can find this information, you would think a mega-media outlet like Fox News should be able to find it as well,

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