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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

I didn't see any bank failures on Friday, which gives me some time for another weekend rant. This one concerns Occupy Wall Street (referred to as "OWS"), and, indirectly, the Tea Party. As regular readers know, I do not own a television set, but I do see so TV periodically, mostly Fox news. Now, I'm not aiming directly at Fox news (although they deserve it), as my wrath can be directed at just about any mainstream media outlet. The media doomed the Tea Party to failure and irrelevance with several tactics, and are in the process of doing the same thing to Occupy Wall Street. Among them:

1) In order to find out what the group is protesting, the intrepid reporter searches among the crowd for a blithering idiot who does a terrible job of articulatiing the goals of the group, thus making the group look like a pack of idiots.

2) Accuse the group of violence - in the case of the Tea Party, it was raising their voices and disrupting "town hall" meetings with their elected representatives. Rude, maybe, but not quite qualifying as violence in my book. In the case of OWS, the most serious breach I have seen is not staying on the sidewalk, an offense which earns you a face full of pepper spray and a royal beating at the hands of the police.

3) Appoint a nationally known "spokesman" for the group, who will thoroughly discredit the group - in the case of the Tea party, the media appointed Sarah Palin as their spokesman, even though she ran for Vice President with a candidate who voted for the TARP, thus turning a grass roots organization into a Republican booster club. In the case of OWS, the media is in the process of appointing Michael Moore as their spokesman, someone who will go on TV and say so many incredibly stupid things that the movement will gain no popular support.

The Tea Party failed because they allowed themselves to be co-opted by the Republican party, going from an anti deficit, anti bailout organization into an anti Obama organization, forgetting their original goals (after all, Republicans are almost as good as Democrats at deficit spending, and are much better at bailing out Wall Street). At least OWS has the right target: Wall Street. And the problem is, if they really knew what was going on on Wall Street, they just might get violent.

This was prompted by a couple of videos I saw this week (hat tip to the Big Picture and Zero Hedge):

What was really funny here is that 2009 clip from Sean Hannity, where he blames the bank bailouts on Obama. I guess he forgot who was President when the TARP was passed,

Seeing the Wall Streeters at the end mocking the protesters reminds me of something I read in a history book: something like "Let them eat cake". We know how that ended.

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