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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Earnings Growth Charts

16 stocks from the earnings list reported last week, an I picked out 6 graphs most of interest. In the top panel the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, the black line is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle, the red line is quarterly EPS, green quarterly revenue, black price,and blue price relative to SPX. If the stock is reporting the end of a fiscal year, the large red bars are annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

CYBX reported accelerating growth, and had what appears to be a big breakout. I noted on the day it broke out that it appeared to have been opne of those stocks that dropped out of the Finviz database and then came back in as an IPO. However, the historical data in Yahoo finance also goes back only as far as September of last year. There is nothing in the news headlines to account for this, and it has been on the list for almost as long as I have had the list. This one is a potential leader, and it really suck to have information disappear like this.

GPOR is a frequent leader that reported decelerating earnings this quarter, but a big increase in annual earnings. It is in a pretty big base right now, and looks like it has completed the right side. This will continue higher is oil keeps going up, and will likely suffer is oil comes down, but is one of the few small cap oil stocks that is showing real growth no matter what the price of oil is doing.

MELI also reported decelerating growth, but had another breakout anyway. Both revenue and annual earnings have been very consistent. Looking at this chart, it becomes apparent that the last pullback was over done and was one of the best buying opportunities we will ever get, but we do have the luxury of hindsight.

RGR reported decelerating, but still high, quarterly growth and a big increase in annual growth. On a linear chart this looks like it is going parabolic, but on a log chart it isn't quite as dramatic, but this is still extended and probably due to build a base soon.

SUSS is new on the list this quarter, so this is the first time I have graphed it with price. This has had a pretty impressive growth rate in earnings for the last two years, but that was coming off a big drop. Price has now gotten back to where it was in 2007. I forgot to mention the stocks with triple digit growth on the earnings summary last night: this is one.

TYL is the other. This temporarily broke a trend in earnings growth last year, but resumed it this year. Unfortunately this is way extended and nowhere near an entry point, and I would not bet on this high growth to continue at this point. It would be considered a leader if it got volume.

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