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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Leading Industry

These are the industries with 70% or more of their stocks advancing today.

 These are the industries with 10% or more of their stocks making new highs.

There are a few leading groups in the advancing category, but few in the new highs category, and the only group common to the list is semi-conductor - memory chips, a 9 stock group that in no way can be considered leading. The is one of 5 semi-conductor groups on Finviz, so we may have a problem with some stocks being misclassified. There is also a problem, apparently, with the new highs list: it says one stock in this group hit a new high, but looking at the charts, I don't see it. There is only one really strong stock in this group, ISSI, which is near a new high, but nothing else is even close. I will see if I can find out why one of these came up as a new high.

EDIT: SNDK was on the new highs list when I downloaded it, but it is not there now. It was an apparent momentary error at Finviz.

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